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Apr 27, 2012
@ 2:02 pm

Fact: I’m a Failure of a Student


  • My senior year of high school I can’t remember how many D’s I got.
  • I took Latin for three years. I only made it to Latin II. 
  • My first semester of college, I failed three classes…out of six. 
  • I’ve forgotten how long it’s been since I read a book. I’m an English major. 
  • My transfer papers are do May 15. I have hardly started. 
  • I slept through band, frequently. I play tuba. Which is right next to the percussion section. 
  • In high school, I had it figured out how to ditch class in a way the school could not in any way shape or form punish me for even if I was caught. 
  • Because of the above, I frequently took three hour lunches. At the expense of my Physics grade. 
  • I interned with my state’s senate this year. I got a “D” in American Government two semesters ago. 
  • I competed in Academic Decathlon. For the free food. 
  • At the beginning of every semester I go to all the club opening socials. For the free food. 
  • I have shopped online, created grocery lists, and got in touch with old friends more in my Religion 101 class than I have in any other point of time in my life. 
  • I signed up for, and worked hard editing my portfolio so I could get into my college’s writer’s retreat mainly so I could skip classes for a week without feeling guilty. 
  • I competed in a solo competition. I placed fifth. Out of six competitors. 
  • In a music audition, even though they had no other tuba players, I was still denied the position. It was then explained to me that it would be okay if I quit tuba completely.